About Nesson Media Boston

Mission Statement

The documentary camera is a tool for social change, used to dig deeply into our complex world, and to find hidden truths.

About Bob Nesson

Bob Nesson is an independent filmmaker and educator whose work fosters understanding of a complex world. His award-winning documentaries encompass war, politics, economics, the environment, urban issues, art, history, and science.

As producer and director, cinematographer and editor, Nesson has worked on hundreds of documentary films and commissioned videos. His recent short doc, “Power to the Pedals: Wenzday Jane and the Culture of Change” premiered at the Nation’s Capital Environmental Film Festival. His current work includes “COPING”, a feature documentary that examines the country’s social contract through the eyes of African-American prisoners and ex-prisoners.

At Emerson College in Boston, Nesson teaches interdisciplinary courses that include Filmmaking and the Environment, Documentary for Social Action, and Urban Studies and Filmmaking.